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Hi there!

June 11, 2010

Hi everyone!

This is my starting post at this blog. I’ll introduce myself:

My name is Robson Dornelles, aka Duda, I’m 23 years old brazilian guy. This year I have acquired my degree in Computer Science and started the journey to get a Master of Science degree. However, that journey wasn’t making me happy, so I’ve started to look at new possibilities. And then I’ve found ThoughtWorks.

What happened is that I’m a new hire from ThoughtWorks Brazil, and I’m also the first ThoughtWorker form the brazilian office to go the the ThoughtWorks University (TWU), in Bangalore, India. TWU is an imersion course with 6 weeks duration, where I believe we are going to learn a lot, in an enviroment where we’ll be challanged and reviewed. So its gonna be FUN! I’m very glad of this opportunity that ThoughtWorks gave to me.

So thats my history in this moment of my life. My trip to India starts next week and the TWU starts at 18 june. And I’ll be sharing my experiencies in this blog. 🙂

So thats it! Cheers!



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