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ThoughtWorks, TWU and India: first impressions

June 26, 2010

It has been two weeks since I’ve joined ThoughtWorks in the Brazilian office. I’ve spent one day in the office, in a “New Hire Orientation” regime. It was really nice to get to know some of my new colleagues and to get the fell of the ThoughtWorks way. But I had something bigger coming: I had to get on an aircraft in the 15 June to arrive at Bangalore, India, at 17 June. Yes, TWU was starting that very moment. Or it should be…

Well, if you know me, you also know that I can always do something stupid. Yes, I’ve missed my first flight. 🙂

Anyway, I went from Porto Alegre to São Paulo, then to London and finally to Bangalore. At the time that I arrived at Bangalore’s airport, I got the feeling that the air in Bangalore had a different smell.

India is completely different from Brazil, there is no way to compare. This was something that I was expecting, so I was open-minded from the very beginning. How can you get the best of a completely new place if you don’t open your mind?

Then I’ve gotten to know my new colleagues. People from US, UK, India, Australia and I, the only crazy geek Brazilian in the house. And then TWU finally started. Oh men, I’ve waited so much for this moment, and the same feeling was clearly on the face of my peers.

Since then it has been (hard work + fun). ThoughtWorks is a great company: everybody is friendly, everybody is extremely competent and everybody loves free food. ThoughtWorks has values, is agile and get the job done. And we, TWU attendees, are learning by failing (the best way to learn!) how do we do that.

What about India? It is colorful, mysterious and has great (really spicy) food. What about our TWU trainers? They are clever, prepared and friendly. What about the TWU attendee? We are all different, but we know that. And our diversity is also our way to overcame the situations that we are facing. Can’t wait to start our project simulation.

You can find photos of my trip @ . I’m trying to constantly update that.




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